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PM & Exporting EBRD

A Conference presentation for The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Exporting and entering foreign markets for ICT providers, generic content on how to approach entering foreign markets, the challenges, key considerations and recommended approaches.


Setting Sales Targets

This paper outlines in detail the main considerations when setting sales targets and designing commission plans. Its objective is to help the reader put in place motivational targets and rewards that will maximise sales performance whether traditional or eBusiness.

Annual International Business Research Conference 10th July 2012 in Imperial College London. Dr Myles Sweeney PI and Designer of HOMI, paper “A normative model of Integrative Organisation Development”

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Frameworks for collaboration

HOMI Diagnosis & Roadmap

Top 10 Tips for successful Collaboration

Due diligence for Integration

Implementing Collaboration & Collaboration Platforms

Organisation Maturity & Learning Levels

M & A integration (Human systems & Change Management)

M & A integration (HOMI Application)

Top 5 reasons for Integration failure

Models for managing strategic change

Collaboration 5 pitfalls & Framework



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