What we do ?


What we do ?

Our Team of experienced Business & Organisation Development professionals are driven to achieve significantly better business outcomes for our client’s who are starting, scaling or changing their business/organisation. We do this by the provision of the following:-

  • Competence & Capability Building Services (Education, Training, Coaching, Mentoring)
  • Intelligent Organisation Services (Facilitation for senior team in the creation of an intelligent organisation, creating sustainable growth and a change culture that creates better business and change outcomes)
  • Change Support Services (Purpose, Assessment, Readiness, Execution, Sustainability)
  • Frameworks (Best Practice Processes and Scientific Tools that create enhanced engagement and taction for interventions)

We also specialise in  the development of tools and processes that help those who have taken responsibility for starting, scaling or effecting change in an organisation can achieve more successful outcomes.

We understand through experience what it takes to start, scale or turnaround a successful business. We have been or are CEO’s of organisations that faced all these challenges. We understand technology and the technology sector in particular, and those businesses that are underpinned by technology. We have functional expertise and experience and understand how to organise and align all key business functions and processes to achieve a vision and goal. We have worked with legacy and emerging business models including e-business models.


We understand the science of Human system behaviours, Organisation Learning, Psychology and Organisation Development from both an acedemic perspective and also from a practical perspective. Our team members have been part of and leaders in routine organisation development right through to major strategic change programs.

We have applied that expertise to developing new innovative scientific tools for our clients.

Our core competencies are as follows:-

  • Business Start-up and Development
  • Organisation Development & Learning.
  • Diagnosis of Organisation Maturity at all levels (Team, Dept., Function, Division, Unit, Overall).
  • Software & Process development.

The HOMI Model will tell you to any degree of granularity across any dimension of the organisation or its business the true level of its functioning across all dynamics and the recommended actions or change interventions required to create sustainable learning progress.

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