What is HOMI ?


What is HOMI ?

The Holignment Maturity Index (HOMI) is an On-Line diagnostic tool, which is based on Human system behavioural science and Organisation Learning Theory. It is a unique tool in that it measures the true level of all key organisation dynamics (i.e. it is a normative measurement rather than most other models which are descriptive, which meand they are focused on observation and comparison to a descriptive level).

The diagnostic differs in that it not only measures organisation functioning of strategic and operational dynamics but it also includes the cultural dimensions.

The Maturity Matrix (Dashboard) provides a visual indicator of the functioning levels of each dynamic which allows rapid analysis and interpretation. The learning levels or measured levels of maturity in effectiv provide a roadmap for and organisation or a specific change program.

The reports not only inform the management and team of the current true functioning levels, but provide guidance on the appropriate actions (interventions) to move a dynamic from its current functioning level to the next higher level , thus enabling the team to target the critical dynamics but also to create sustainable improvement and change from the interventions. It avoids inappropriate interventions which are a major cause of failure in change programs.

The HOMI is a core tool in the overall change program and complements many existing processes and programs.

The HOMI provides a benchmark which can be used to monitor change and change intervention effectivness across organisation units, or across organisations.

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