Change & OMI(tm) Training





Our courses are led by expert tutors, who are also daily, involved in Organisation Development. They bring real world scenarios to the learning experience along with the ability to link the theory with practice. Over 50% of the time in our training engagements involves the participant’s contributions and actual practice of the learning.


(C1) Change Management:

This course is designed for the leaders and managers of change, those stakeholders who have responsibility and also those who are key influencers in change. The course is 2 days in a team environment and on completion participants will have the enhanced skills to work with each other and to engage the other stakeholders in achieving successful change. Topics covered:-

  • Understanding what is change, its nature and why is it important to manage
  • Understanding what drives change in organisations and how to monitor
  • Understanding the impact of change on people as individuals and groups
  • Understanding the impact of change on the organisation systems including the human systems.
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of change capability
  • Implementing a change management process
  • Organising for change
  • How to engage the stakeholders in change
  • How to deal with resistance to change
  • Situational change management
  • Creating a change culture
  • Institutionalising change

(C2) How to participate in change?

This is a one day course designed to help the members of an organisation participate and become comfortable with change in an organisation. It can be part of creating change readiness and improving the change capability of an organisation or it can be specifically designed to support an already identified change program. On completion participants will have a better understanding of why organisations have to change and how they can influence that change for the better for everyone. Topics covered:-

  • Understanding what is change
  • Understanding what drives change in organisations
  • Understanding the impact of change on people as individuals and groups
  • Understanding the different roles in a change and how they manifest in the organisation
  • Personal analysis (How do I react to change)
  • Key skills to participate in change
    • Communications
    • Assertiveness

(C3) Survey Diagnosis & Action Planning with HOMI

This course is designed for OD and change leaders who are subscribers to HOMI. The course is designed to provide the skills and techniques to get the best value from the HOMI model as a leading tool for managing change and growth. Key topic include:-

  • Understanding Organisation maturity and learning levels
  • Understanding the critical dynamics and constructs of an Organisation
  • Understanding the systems and system interactions of an Organisation
  • Designing a change program
  • Designing surveys
  • The diagnostic process
  • Selecting interventions for maximum traction
  • Communications and engagement in the HOMI process
  • Use cases

Coaching & Mentoring

No one has all the skills or experience to deal with every situation that could arise in the business from the CEO downwards sometimes we encounter situations that getting an external expert view can help us analyse the situation and take more effective action.

What is important is that we trust our coach/mentor , a key part of building that trust is the knowledge that the individual(s) have an understanding of the business, business in general and have encountered similar situations in the past. In addition a deep understanding of individuals and organisations and how they behave can be fundamental in taking other perspectives on a situation.

The coach/mentor will not solve and issue or create an opportunity directly, however they can provide excellent advice and tools to help individuals perform better.

Particularly in change programs , where risks are often higher it can be of great benefit to have a person who can both challenge and support from a position of experience.

We have a panel of collaborative experts who know and understand OD and change and can provide key stakeholders with advice and support

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