The International Business Research Conference 2012 (London)

Dr. Myles Sweeney presented to the conference on July 10th. The paper “A Normative Model of Integrative Organisation Development” was very well received by an audience of both acedemic and business experts.

Dr Sweeny the innovator behind the Holignment Maturity Model and presented the model and the science and theory which underpins it’s validity. He also went on to explain several use cases where strategic Organisation Development challenges exists and how the model improves outcomes in M & A integration programs and collaboration programs.

Dr Sweeney has been accepted as a speaker at several different international organisation development conferences over the past few months and the HOMI model is receiving positive attention from both the acedemic and the business community as a strategic new tool that improves success in strategic and tactical change programs.

To download a copy of the presentation and paper, follow this link , and complete the short form and you will be provided with the password.

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