The HOMI Reports


The HOMI report for each individual survey and any roll up survey comes in two parts.

Part 1 (Maturity Index – Dashboard)

The dashboard provides a clear visual indicator for management and staff as appropriate to get a quick view on the functioning level of the organisation. Depending on the nature of the change the Dashboards can be products by the HOMI system to show comparative benchmarks between unit survey results or Gap Analysis when perhaps two units or organisations are being brought together.

In addition it allows for rapid identification of priority areas for intervention and the type of intervention focus. The example dashboard below shows a GAP analysis for an M & A integration for two commercial companies.

With this type of indicator we can quickly tell that one organisation needs to have some specific development interventions before bringing the two together, Organisation B has several dynamics that are functioning at a disintegrative level.

Detailed Report

The system produces a detailed report for every dynamic and construct for the specific diagnostic survey. The level of detail is sufficient to inform the change team of the current level of functioning (Maturity level) and it also recommends for each dynamic the action/intervention required to move up a maturity level so that sustainable progress and growth can be achieved, with the overall Learning level path being the Roadmap for the Organisation towards the highest performance level. Below is a smaple section of a report.

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