The HOMI Process


The HOMI process can be integrated in to any change process or can be the basis for the change process in its own right. The founder partners of have extensive practical experience in most tactical and strategic change types. Our extended network of International associates including some field leaders in business and acedemia are available to advise on any specific area.

As we know any basic change process has some key steps as follows:-

1. There is dissatisfaction with the current status shared by some key stakeholders. (Dissatisfaction)

2. The current status is defined and there is acceptance for the need to change. (Need)

3. A vision of the target situation is emerging and can be shared. (Need)

4. The key stakeholders and leaders are committed to change. (Leadership)

5. The need for change is signalled to the organisation overall and management facilitate the organisation understand the need for change, how staff will be involved and the overall process that will be used. (Starting the process of UNfreezing the Organisation) (Unfreezing)

6. Individuals and groups will be facilitated to go through the natural emotions and behaviours that occur when change is signalled and likely. (Denial, Resistance, Exploration, Acceptance, Commitment) (Buy-in)

7. The change process is formally launched and process communicated (Formal Kick Off)

8. There are metrics for monitoring progress , regular communications, and forums for dealing with questions, ideas, blockages and issues. (Monitoring, Communication, Adaptation)

9. There is a declaration when major aspects of the change are completed along the way and when it is completed substantially (Along with celebration and recognitions) (Communicate and Celebrate Achievement)

10. A post mortem is completed, learning points noted both for the organisations business and the change process. Learning is institutionalised and codified and the monitoring of environment continues . (Refreezing the Organisation but only to a level that ensures stability , having created an understanding and willingness to continuously change to remain competitive) (Close, Learn & Celebrate)

The HOMI Process

The HOMI process brings structure and information to every stage of the 10 step change process .

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