The Business Advantage Model

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The Business Advantage Model is a Framework & Roadmap for entrepreneurs and leaders to radically enhance success rates by doing “The Right Things, The Right Way, at The Right Time”

It addresses the question of “What should my next priority be?” considering the context of the business/organisation and the available resources.

It has a central focus on “Advantage”, because advantage is what differentiates your business, creates value for your customer and supports market success and value creation in the venture.

Successful ventures identify potential advantage, create it, prove it, secure it, leverage it and then change it in a dynamic manner. They ensure that the sources of advantage are managed across all functions of the business.

By doing this they accelerate their business growth in each of the corresponding 6 stages of a business life-cycle ,Validation, Verification, Confirmation, Securing, Scaling & Innovating.

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