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Strategy is about shaping the future, achieving desirable ends with available means, where uncertainty exists. In a sense it’s about a map of routes we can take to get from  A where we are today to B where we want to be at some point in the future on our journey. It is about creating a route plan and alternative routes from or at any position on the journey so as we travel we can make informed decisions as whether to proceed, reroute, reverse up and change direction. Using the analogy strategy is iterative and must adapt to circumstances and has several components, who is travelling, who is navigating, who is maintaining the vehicle, how will we travels walk, car, train, plane, will we send advance parties, what type of car, what size, how much will we spend on it. Our core strategy is represented overall in our mission statement our aims, approach and model supported by the various functional, technological, management, product, process, economic, financial etc. strategies. Our strategic services help clients decide is the journey worthwhile, how will we benefit from it, what routes are available, plan the route, build the travelling team and how to handle all situations as they arise on the journey.


Our professionals have started and scaled businesses and organisations, they help our clients ensure that the commitment they are going to make starting up a venture has potential to deliver stakeholder value. We help them deliver a roadmap and plan for ensuring the do the right things, the right way at the right time when there is so much to do. Much of what has to be achieved in the early days is validation and verification that there is an accessible market and customers, who see the advantage in the ventures offer and that the client, can design, build, sell and support their clients profitably. In addition what contracts and agreements are necessary e.g. shareholder agreements.


For start-ups that enter a market and have initial and ongoing success often the biggest hurdle is scaling or growing their business, we help them understand the current structural limitations to scaling as well as the Asset level and utilisation factors that can enable scaling. Often there is a need to re validate and verify the target markets and the propositions to ensure the scaling ambitions remain valid prior to making changes and preparing and executing a scaling plan. We look at organic and inorganic means to scale a business whether it’s a traditional business or an on-line technology enabled business.

Strategic Growth

Organisations that have achieved some scale and critical mass and wealth generation often need to stand back and look at what is happening in the environment or what new opportunities exist to take advantage of their current position. Driven by further growth needs or needs to enhance financial performance they may want to consider diversification, M & A, Divest and re investment or IPO. We assist our clients in identification of an appropriate strategy and plan and support its execution.


For some organisations consolidation of their current position or so level of retrenchment may be necessary to preserve and improve performance, they are many options available and change is inevitable. Divestment, M & A, Rightsizing, Repositioning and/or relocating may need to be considered. We assist our clients determine the appropriate strategy and to plan and execute that strategy.


Leadership, Management, Governance and ownership are all different traits and/or roles which have relationships. We assist our clients construct an effective governance structure and defines the relationships and responsibilities for each key stakeholder.


Performance and its management is one of the main critical success factor for any enterprise and it should be pervasive across an organisation. However it needs to be focused, aligned and connected at every level. We look at how we build performance management into the vision, goals, plans and activities for every individual stake holder, every team and the organisation as a whole. Balanced Score Cards, SMART2 Goals and Objectives, KPI’s, reporting, development, handling poor performance, rewarding excellent performance.

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