Scaling Growth Master-Class Overview

Business & Organisation Scaling Master-class

(How to release growth potential)

There are many factors both internal and external that limit growth potential for an organisation, some of these factors we have limited influence over, but many we can address, thus improving our capability to scale. Scaling Growth is about efficient and effective growth, not just growth for the sake of growth. Investment in scaling needs to have the right return, and impact on the important key performance indicators for the organisation, so we need to get the right type of growth. Increasing activity does not necessarily mean a corresponding increase in output or impact.

Its not uncommon for organisations and businesses to reach a plateau in their growth, even early in their maturity cycle, because the drive to start-up often mean short term priorities override longer term scaling needs. Other more mature organisations reach a plateau, or even decline and have not anticipated this turnaround in their fortunes.

An organisations stakeholders often have or set expectations of growth and performance , that actually exceed the current capability of the organisation to achiev. The organisation  may not realise they have scaling limitations, or worse still throw money at the problem to increase resources, expecting corresponding increases in growth, only to be disappointed.

The good thing is we can do something about these situations, we can understand those factors structural or operational that limit or support growth and scaling, thus understanding our capability to scale. We can also identify in order of priority those changes we can make to increase our capability to scale, to create the right type of sustainable growth. We can also understand the real limits for our organisation/business that beyond which there is unlikely to be a solid business case to scale.

Who should attend this Master-class?

  • Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs preparing their business/operational plan, the plan must guide stakeholders in not just starting a business but also scaling to achieve its potential.
  • Involved in funding start-up, turn-around or growth, whether it be internal investment or seeking external funding, it is important that there is confidence to achieve scaling/growth target which will lead to value creation and ROI.
  • Entering a New or Foreign Market, are we ready? What are the limitations? How can we realise the potential in the target market?
  • Launching a new product and/or service, how scalable is it?  What is the potential?
  • Managers/Leaders in organisations where growth is projected to, or actually below benchmark rates, slowing down, stalled and/or in decline and you want to reverse and re start growth.
  • Managers/Leaders where the core KPI’s are not reflecting underlying growth indicators, for example customer revenues are growing but profit is not. Or headcount is growing but service levels are not improving.

 What is covered in the scaling master-class

How do we set  scaling goals that are both ambitious but achievable?

External factors that can impact scaling potential (Markets, Customers, Environment etc)

Internal factors that can limit or support scaling capability

Measuring and understanding current scaling capability and potential

Designing a scaling strategy

Creating a scaling plan that can achieve the potential

Core Variables

Under each core variable are a number of specific dynamics for assessment, for example Profits must consider scale of profit, relative profit, profit growth, profitability, relative profitability, profit growth. We also need to understand the inter-relationships between the variables and dynamics as they relate to the specific business/organisation.

Public Workshop (1 Day)

The public master-class is designed to provide participants with the tools to create and plan execution of a scaling strategy, while with competitive safety sharing some knowledge and experience amongst participants and learning from each other also.

In Company workshop (2 Days)

The in company/organisation provides a safe environment for participants to not just learn but also to start the development of their scaling strategy and can be open to any authorised stakeholder in the organisations value chain who can influence the scaling capability

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