About Us

Intelligent Organisations are continuously monitoring and adapting to their operating environment. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a new business, or an intrapreneur facilitating growth and change in an existing organisation, doing The Right things, The Right way, at The Right time” is always a challenge , especially when there may be limited resources, expertise & experience available.


Our business at intelligentorg.com is to help you achieve your vision & goals for your organisation, by providing advice, support, tools and services that are designed to ensure you and your team do The Right things, The Right way, at The Right time”.


 We are a boutique or niche professional services & consulting firm who specialise in helping entrepreneurs & business leaders Start-up, Scale or Change their business in the technology or technology enabled sector.


Our Value to you

The value you gain from collaborating with us can only be measured by the outcomes you achieve and the impact on your Key Performance Indicators. For each client there will be different compelling drivers and performance standards set. For commercial customers the performance outcomes are usually measured in terms of Financial Performance (Revenues, Costs, Profits, Profitability, Cash, Value). For non-commercial (incl. Public Sector) clients it is usually a combination of Financial & stakeholder impact (Citizen Service Level, Value for money, Number of successful projects). We can only deliver value if we have an advantage over alternatives you can consider and therefore we invest in creating and maintaining advantage.



Our advantage

  • Our People All have in excess of 20 years experience and are well qualified acedemically. Most importantly they have done it before and continue to create strategic value for our clients.
  • Our Frameworks We have significant investment in applied research to develop innovative and pragmatic Frameworks for us and our clients to use which link actions to target outcomes. (Model, Guides, Tools, Processes, Templates). Our Frameworks optomise results and minimise risk when starting, scaling or changing a business. Each Framework is underpinned by ensuring “We do the Right things, the Right way, at the Right time”.
    • The Business Advanatge Model™ A roadmap for starting & scaling a business for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Provides a guide to users for each key business activity and function that should be focused on over the 6 stages of a business life cycle from idea to maturity.
    • The Organisation Maturity Index™ A roadmap and on-line tool set that ensures successful strategic & Tactical change outcomes by guiding leaders in building and executing better intervention plans. Central to this is the ability to complete a scientific normative diagnosis of the organisation at all levels.

Where you can derive value from our advantage?


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