Resources is a site designed to promote best practice change management, and to provide useful and pragmatic information for visitors to the site. We make no apology for promoting the the HOMI model as our experience suggests this is the most innovative tool to be introduced to Organisation Development in the last few decades. Organisation change and development is a risky and tricky business, its complex and we believe that change managers and facilitators benefit from having tools such as HOMI to simplify some of the complexity and remove the inherent failure risks for change programs.

Our Resources section is intended to provide organisations with useful information , not just from us but from the industry in general. If you can not find what you are looking for tell us and we will search or extensive data bases and our network of business and acedemic friends to find what you need to make your change successful.

To access our downloads just complete this short form and we will provide you with a password to review or download papers.

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