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What is Re-Structuring ?

Rightsizing is a generic term often used to describe the process of adjusting the organisation size and structure to meet the future needs of the Organisation, and improve its overall performance in the future. It is the process of change and adaptation of the organisation in advance of some expected change in the organisations environment or in response to dome change in the business environment. It may be about expanding or reducing capacity or capability but what it always means is change for the stakeholders

Drivers for restructuring?

  • Under or Over Capacity
  • Change in Market Dynamics
  • Loss or addition of key personnel
  • Regulatory change
  • Business Model change
  • Productivity improvement
  • Financial performance Improvement


Change Management Relating to Restructuring

Restructuring usually is aligned with many different changes, such as changes in structure, job roles, Re-organisation, Re Deployment, Redundancy, New teams, New skills and New processes. All will have an impact on the systems and human systems within the Organisation.

Change Management is central to Restructuring, making sure that it is done in an efficient and effective manner to deliver the business outcomes desired.

Where HOMI fits in the process of Restructuring

Restructuring covers a multitude of changes that the organisation may want to implement to adapt to a new situation, or create the flexibility to respond and change. It can cover a range of changes in resourcing models, moving fixed staff (permanent or permanently assigned) to Variable (available at short notice for new and different assignments). Though the overall capacity of the Organisation may not change the structure, process, roles and management approach may change to create a rightsized, right-model environment. The use of the HOMI diagnostic will aid in determining the capacity to change, interventions to enable readiness, interventions to build sustainable growth during and after the change.

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