Why consider being an Partner with us?

There are some critical success factors when being involved with or advising and supporting organisations who are considering or are actively involved in strategic or tactical change. Central to a successful project is the need to understand 1) What is the capability of one or more organisation or organisation unit to successfully change? and 2) What actions and interventions are required to ensure successful change at each level and unit in the organisation? Both these questions must be considered at several stages in the process to ensure successful outcomes. It is essential from an organisation development and human system (Cultural) perspective that we answer these questions. We know this because we are practitioners providing support to organisations to achieve successful change.

Why partners? has two primary business drivers. 1.) To grow our own business success (Revenues, Profits and Happy Clients) & 2.) To promote best practice in change management and in particular the use of the HOMI model which is demonstrated to have created better change outcomes.

If we consider these drivers , the most effective way to achieve the goals and scale our business is through working with partners. Change management in whatever form a professional service provider addresses for their client requires local knowledge and expertise. Our partners have the expertise and experience that connects client business goals with Organisation Development change programs.

Partner Profiles

Our partners are Consultants,Practices, Professional Service providers and tool providers with specialist expertise and/or products that enable change whether generic or niche providers. Some of the partner profile types are as follows:-

  • Organisation Development Consultants
  • Information technology service providers who support IT enabled change
  • Merger & Acquisition specialists
  • Business Strategy Consultants and Service Providers
  • Business Administration service providers
  • Industry Analysts

How does the Holignment Partner Program work?

Qualification:- This phase allows establish that potential partners do indeed have the necessary expertise , reputation and processes to leverage our tools in the best interest of the end client.

Partner Agreement:- This is the more formal side of getting on paper the road map for how we will work together for mutual success and what the terms and conditions are?

Market Development Planning:- This second phase will work with the partner to develop a mini business plan that will grow the bsuiness of the partner through successful engagements which are likely touse the HOMI and related Frameworks.

Training:- provide training on the diagnostic tool, administration of surveys, process and methodologies.

Support:- Ongoing support in pre sales and application and use of the HOMI tool set and frameworks.

What are the benefits to a Partner?

  • Market Differentiation
  • Higher project success & client satisfaction.
  • New recurring revenue streams
  • Additional support from
  • Discounts on License fees
  • Influence on Product Roadmap



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