Our Values & Approach

Every Client is unique

There are so many variables in any business or organisations that it is essential each client and their context and requirements are well understood by our professionals, we understand this because we have worked with many different types or organisations from start-up to Global enterprises across many different sectors. However many of the issues and opportunities have common traits and this is where our expertise enables us to quickly define the opportunity, design a solution, implement and achieve the outcomes our unique clients expect. The commonality also enables us select an approach or method appropriate to the situation whether it be one of our proprietary tools or an industry standard method.


Our style is collaborative because it leads to better outcomes, which are more sustainable after we complete any significant engagement with the client. Relationships are important in how we work and we only take on assignments we know we can add value and where the assigned consultant is interested, committed and motivated to exceed the client’s expectation.


There are many terms you will hear from consultants “Deliverables focused”, “ Results Orientated”, “Benefits & Outcomes” , and yes that is what we subscribe to, but the key for us is that the client experiences visible positive impact whether we are assisting an individual, team, department, unit or the organisation as a whole. All our clients are happy.


We may be small but that does not mean we take short cuts, our size gives us agility and flexibility, but our backgrounds allow us draw from best practices across every aspect of the business. Our professionals are both well qualified, experienced and have 20+ years of successful achievement in their careers.

These represent our core values

Our Approach

Our overall approach is as follows, of course depending on the nature of the assignment we may adopt a more detailed methodology and set of tools to assure we have the right impact.

  • Understanding Requirements:- We spend time here in advance of any formal contract or engagement, together with our current or prospective client, if we get good requirements understood up front we achieve higher impact. Sometimes understanding the requirements is where the client wants us to assist and that sometimes becomes the initial engagement. We also acknowledge that it may be impossible to define all the requirements up front and only as we progress an assignment will some outstanding needs become evident  the key for both us and our clients is “Knowing, what we do not know” up front and dealing with any related ambiguity. We invest in understanding requirements
  • Formal Proposal:- As a client you want to understand how we will impact your organisation through our engagement, how much it will cost you and be confident you will achieve an ROI. Our proposals are designed to ensure you have answers to these questions and more, the final proposal is on occasion not the first draft but we iterate where appropriate with you to ensure it is clear and precise as regards addressing your needs. We are here to do a job and have the right impact and regardless of the proposal before, during or after an engagement we feel a sense of ownership for you and your business so we do not watch the clock and seek to charge for every minute we are working. That said there are times when the nature and/or scope of the original assignment changes and we outline a collaborative process to manage those situations as they arise.
  • Statement of Work(SOW):- Assuming we have agreed to a contract an early deliverable is a SOW, it may even have been part of the proposal process, however often it requires a few days interaction, research and engagement in-order that a detailed statement can be prepared, covering every aspect of the engagement, the milestones, deliverables, approach etc. It’s the master plan for our relationship with you the client.
  • Execution:- After the SOW is signed off , it’s about doing the job and having the impact. Because we have a collaborative approach we will agree frequent reports, interim deliverable reviews, workshops and KPI’s to ensure we are continuously progressing, aligned and learning together to achieve the maximum impact for you and your organisation.
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