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Service Line Matrix

We work with individual’s, team’s, functions’ and Organisation’s at an individual level it may be coaching/mentoring or a specific piece of work, right up to an organisation level engagement usually sponsored by a key senior stakeholder where our engagement can be at any or all levels across some or all of the organisation. So we are comfortable working with or facilitating individuals, teams and organisations. In our areas of expertise we are asked to provide the following service types:-

Assessment:- Independent, Informed and Objective assessment of a specific scenario/situation with reference to a target state, best practices or competitive scenario. (Current State & Gap Analysis)

Advisory:- On a Decision, Tactic, Strategy, Organisation Development,  Plan, or any aspect of the business or organisations functioning. Having considered the scenario and completed expert analysis we present and compare options and make recommendations as appropriate.

Design:- We can lead or participate in the design of solutions to address opportunities and problems, drawing from our experience and those of relevant leading sector participants.

Training:- To enable a change or strategy implementation often the client needs to acquire new skills and expertise, where these skills and training can be acquired by current stakeholders and are relevant to our expertise we have practitioner tutors that can design and deliver programs and courses relevant to the acquisition of a new skill. Or they can select and manage other providers.

Implementation:- Our success can really only be measured by outcomes and impact, clients may select to work with us to introduce expertise and experience or to add capacity and competence. Though we aspire to have long term relationships with clients, our active engagement should relate to the projects and programs we are engaged to impact so our role is doing the job and facilitating our clients make their changes and improvements in a sustainable manner.

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