Organisation Development Consultants


Your business success depends on the effectivness of the advice and level of service you provide your clients and they measure that success not only in outcomes but also your ability to engage with the individuals and teams at all levels leading to highly trusted relationships.

You may have many different roles in assisting your client identify the need for change, plan the change and then successfully execute that change, but you never own the chnage or the business.

You are successful because:-

  • You and your staff are highly experienced and competent in OD
  • You understand the interactions of all the systems in a business particularly the people systems.
  • You have a strong ability to teach, coach and mentor
  • You have a process/methodology that is comprehensive but flexible to adapt to the specific nature of you client organisation and their unique change
  • You understand change management and can diagnose situations effectively.

You are seeking new and innvoative process and tools that improve change outcome for your client, tools that:-

  • Help you client understand the nature of change and change management
  • Help you client understand the capability of the organisation and each unit to change
  • Help you client select appropriate interventions to each unit to increase their capacity to change or if above the readiness level to effect the change
  • Benchmark units across the organisation
  • Monitor the progress in the change and overall learning level of the organisation

The HOMI model is a unique tool that answers all the questions above and not only provides you with a more effective new approach to complement your current process but allows you to differentiate your service

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