@Note PDF versions (White Papers)

@Note 37 Product Service Convergence 1-0

@Note 36 Digital Strategic Intent 1-0

@Note 35 Digital Transformation Series 1-0

@Note 34 Digital Transformation Roadmap 1-0

@Note 33 How Digital enables Continuous Innovation in an Organisation 1-1

@Note 32 Making Performance Management Work 1-0

@Note 31 The generational dilemma in the Digital Workplace

@Note 30 Managing Change in the Digital Workplace

@Note 29 Digital Terms Unravelled

@note 28 Digital Workplace v1-1

ICMLG 2016 Paper Collaboration

ICMLG 2016 Paper Agile Entrepreneurship

@Note 27 Digital Value Maturity Improvement

@note 25 IPR to Market Offer Value Model 1-0

@note 24 Collaborative perf mgmt model v1-0

@note 23 Understanding Capability 1-1

@Note 20 Digital Business Maturity & Performance

Traction & Results from Collaboration platforms

@note 22d Perf-Mgmt Digital org 1-0

@note 22c Perf-Mgmt pitfalls & prevention 1-0

@note 22b Best Practice Goals & KPI’s 1-0

@note 22a Critical Success Factors for Performance Management

The 8 States of Digital Business Maturity @note 21 1-0

@Note 19 Creating Digital Advantage (The Digital Agenda)

@Note 18 The 10 Step Tips for effective Market studies

@Note 17 Introduction to Business Scaling Capability Index (pt. 1)

@Note 16 Embedded systems Market Opportunity

Some White Papers Authored by Declan Kavanagh while he was CEO at Sogeti (2008-2011)

Whitepaper_Extracting Value from IT Suppliers 10CSFs

Managed Service Partnering

Intelligentorg.com White Papers (@dvantage Notes)

@Note 15 Good Goals for 2014

Full Report Performance Management (2013)

@Note 14 Scaling Capability Model

2013 Report Performance Management (Interim)

@note 13 Pitfalls & CSF’s for social collaboration

Business Processes for Scaling

How to Enter Foreign Markets with Advantage

5 CSF’s for Entrepreneurial Economies

5 tips for engaging consultants

Creating Change Management Advantage

2013 IEF conference note

The Business value of IT Maturity Frameworks

(White Papers)

Alignment of IT & Business

SMART squared Goals

Interim Survey Report – Performance Management

When should you request or sign an NDA ?

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