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Professor Piero Formica

“The model presented in the book  is a step forward vis-à-vis the old fashioned model of the business plan, which is static and deterministic. I see in the BAM™ approach as organic. Therefore, most sincere compliments.”

Noel Crawford IBM Innovation Centre

Declan Kavanagh, author of this well thought out approach to technical entrepreneurship has been a solid supporter of the concept of IBM SmartCamps since its initial inception. As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Declan has always seen the need to ‘give back’ and to help other start-ups achieve the success he has himself enjoyed over the years. His wholehearted participation in IBM Smartcamps is just one indicator of this willingness to help, while the delivery of this book, which is a sharing of his own experiences and understanding of the challenges posed to the start-up entrepreneur, is a testament to both his wish to help others and to his own drive to succeed.

Vaus Aslam (Entrepreneur)

As an entrepreneur, I found “Advantage” easy to read and covering all the key areas on setting up and scaling a new business, it really draws out the importance of managing competitive advantage, but equally as important provides a pragmatic guide on what to focus on at any point in the development of the business and how to do it right.This is a crucial and useful model/book that addresses the feasibility of a new or existing product/services to validate the concept and bring to reality, if I had this book, I would have saved time and energy searching each of them independently to know which areas to focus on in the ventures I have been involved with. Vaus is founder and president of silicon valley start up Truegence

Book Reviews


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