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What do we mean by Merger & Acquisition Integration?

Merger & Acquisition activity in our context refers to a situation where two or more  Organisations (Public, Private, Internal, External) are coming together as a result of some strategic transaction. In some cases Joint Ventures may have similar traits. Specifically from an Organisation Development perspective a major component of achieving the target business goals of the M & A activity is how effective and efficient the integration of the two organisations is. Research has identified that integration is the critical success factor. We are usually talking about significant change at a unit level and overall in the organisation. People, Process, Teams, Policies, Products and Services, Power, Influence all have changes. So How do we achieve better integration outcomes?

Organisation Integration (Current)

Though most M & A integration specialists use processes and tools to guide intgration, the application to the people and cultural side of integration to date has lacked adequate diagnosis and tools to maximise the engagement and traction for interventions. Too often the focus is on descriptive comparison of policies, procedures and tools perhaps supplemented by some form of interviews. Integration leaders really need scientific normative indicators of each organisations maturity and capacity to integrate so that the investment in the merger integration can be targeted to accelerate the benefits of bringing two or more organisations together to achieve the target business goals.

Organisation Integration (From Today onwards)

The HOMI diagnosis , reports and Indices will be used to supplement and enhance the current M & A integration methodologies, enabling Due Diligence, Pre Integration, During Integration and Post Integration measurement for both organisations and the combined organisation to understand the integration capacity of both organisations, the gaps and focus Integration interventions at the correct level and in the context of each part of the organisation. It identifies areas of the organisation that do not yet have sufficient capacity/capability to integrate and recommend actions to move all parts to the level they can effectively integrate. It provides benchmarks to monitor and compare the integration effectivness for each component of the organisation.

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