Master Class Module 4

Entrepreneur’s Master Class (Module 4) Overview

Having confirmed the business and business model (Module 3), the entrepreneur and the team will now be growing the business as they expand their beach-head. At this stage the team will be concerned about creating and servicing an expanding customer’s base in an efficient and effective manner. There will be a need to migrate from flexible small team responsiveness to enhanced consistent performance through more formality in the business. Tasks, staff, processes, transactions, products and customers will have increased. Perhaps the promoters who were player managers up to now will need more time to focus on their core added value. At this stage you begin to see more complexity in the overall business and the need for well-structured KPI’s and MIS.


What are some of the area formality is required?

  • The board & management process
  • Employee policies and procedures
  • Core operational processes
  • Financial control and information
  • Performance Management
  • Securing Assets
  • Motivation


Objective of Module

Participants on completion of the Module will have a clear understanding of what is important during the growth phase of a new business. Participants will learn how to make decisions that strike a balance between entrepreneurialism and control. Activity levels become important to ensure growth, but it needs to be the right activity, done the right way.

Some topics that will be covered

  • Keeping the team focused on the priorities
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Brand Management
  • Maintaining the right traditions while leveraging the digital world
  • Planning for ROI




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