Master Class Module 3

Entrepreneur’s Master Class (Module 3) Overview

If an entrepreneur has verified their business opportunity (Module 2), then there is some confidence that the business advantage can deliver commercial success going forward.  Module 3 has more focus now on the commercialisation of the opportunity the entrepreneur has been working on. It proves there are customers for the product/service and proves to stakeholders that a true commercial proposition exists. This is important for Angel and founder investors whether it be sweat equity or early funding that there is potential to achieve the vision and ROI. It is equally important if the business is to scale, particularly if professional investors are to be asked for more formal funding.  Venture Capitalists for example are more risk averse than angel/seed investors, they are usually more interested in investing if there are some customers and revenues. At this stage critical confidence measures are important.


What are some of the types of confidence areas?

  • Leadership and Management competence
  • Management Information and controls
  • Marketing and Sales processes
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Business Continuity


Objective of Module

Participants on completion of the Module will have a clear understanding of what is important during the series A funding and commercialisation of the business. The number and types of stakeholders may have grown and maintaining alignment while focusing on the core goals of the business is essential. This module will help participants make decisions and take actions that position the business to fully enter the Market and put the foundations in place to scale.

Some topics that will be covered

  • Selling & The Sales process
  • Lead generation
  • Establishing a Brand
  • Performance Management
  • The board process and how it can help
  • Some Policies and Procedures
  • Managing product road-maps




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