Master Class Module 2

Entrepreneur’s Master Class (Module2) Overview

If an entrepreneur has validated the potential for their business opportunity (Module 1), so there appears to be a market, we know what it will take to build the product and the financial proposition is pragmatic and possible, then what next?

Successful start-ups have some special advantages, so how do we create and verify these advantages exist, this is a critical stage in the start-up life cycle and determines, how successful the business might be.

What are some of the types of advantage?

  • A new technology or novel application of a technology
  • An early start in an emerging market
  • A cheaper, faster, better way of doing something
  • A special relationship
  • Control over some aspect of the supply/value chain
  • Unique expertise or skill
  • Highly protected and secure Intellectual Property


Objective of Module

Participants on completion of the Module will have a clear understanding of what is important at this early stage of creating a new business. They will have the knowledge to decide what is important for them to focus on now they have validated the potential of a business in the context of their own business. They will have a set of tools to enable them start creating and verifying the product/service & market.

Some topics that will be covered

  • The purpose of Pilot’s and Prototypes
  • Market entry planning and execution
  • Messaging to customers and markets
  • Controls & Compliance (Light touch)
  • Role of founders as employees, managers, directors and shareholders
  • Early stage financing




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