Management are central to the success of any change activity , it is the management team who are dissatisfied with the current situation and have identified a target situation and the need for change. In many ways the role of management is to continuously facilitate change in the business to keep it fresh, competitive and continuously improving.

Successful change for managers mean the organisations tactical or strategic goals are achieved with high levels of stakeholder satisfaction in the shortest possible duration. Things management often want to know before and during a change:-

  • How ready is the organisation or each organisation unit for change
  • How can we improve readiness and what actions should we take
  • Where are the potential barriers to change and what contingencies can we put in place.
  • How is the change progressing in each unit and the organisation overall
  • Are there specific units that need special or focused attention.

By using the HOMI Diagnostic, process, reports and dashboards management can have a good Radar picture before and during the change.

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