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Service types allManagementManagement is about Planning, Leading, co-ordinating and controlling the resources of an organisation to achieve or exceed the goals, Objectives and KPI’s that have been set out and agreed. But its more than this when we dig beneath the surface, it’s about alignment, engagement, commitment, relationships, processes, performance and many other dynamics across every aspect of the business. Our professionals have been there and done that and often they are still practitioners as well as advisors so we understand the complexity and the simplicity needed to be considered to enable clients get results.

Talent Development & Management

Here not only do we assist clients securing and retaining the correct talent to give their business advantage but we also focus on the release of the hidden talent that already exists in the organisation and the development of the appropriate talent.

Performance Development & Management

Our approach is designed to develop the systems, processes and skills that enable individuals, teams and the organisation set ambitious and relevant targets and performance standards and achieve the best performance from all resources and assets in the business.

Process Development & Management

Every activity carried out by every stakeholder should be creating value and advantage for the organisation, how these are aligned and integrated sets out the processes of the organisation. Processes achieve predictability and consistency in performance and outputs and create some of the key DNA in an organisation and its business. We assist our clients in the design, development, change, application and monitoring of relevant and agile processes for their business.

Project Development & Management

If a body of work needs to be carried out in an organisation and its not part of the day to day routine operational processes then it’s a project or program (series of projects). Every organisation has ongoing projects small and big across some or all of their organisation. They are important because they are usually connected with change, improvement and performance but badly managed they drain resources and damage performance. We assist clients to set up and manage projects.

Change Development & Management

In the business environment we exist in today change is continuous and the ability of an organisation to predict, initiate and manage change gives it significant advantage. We assist clients put in place a system and culture of change and also support them in planning &  executing tactical and strategic change.

Function Development & Management

How a business or enterprise is organised, its structure, its leaders and managers and how well it manages the boundaries and interfaces is a critical success factor for its success. Whether it be a large and deep hierarchy, a flat matrix or hybrid organisation it must be appropriate to its mission and goals. There are many different ways of organising whether it be by Function (EG IT, Finance, HR, operations), By product, service, geography or various mixes. It is essential that it is effective , we work with clients to put the right structure and related resources and assets in place and we work with managers and team specifically to ensure the organise and deliver to their mandate.

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