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This page has a list of the Management models referred to across the web-site and related links.

  1. Agile Business Method (ABM)’s engagement approach based on a series of structured agile sprints applied to achieving the assignment goals.B
  2. Business Advantage Model (BAM)’s detailed guide to starting, scaling and changing and organisation for entrepreneurs and leaders.
  3. Capability Improvement Program (CIP) developed by us on behalf of the Innovation Value Institute a complete methodology and tool set to leverage IT-CMF technology enabled transformation and performance improvement.
  4. Collaboration Maturity Model (CMM) developed by us building on the HOMI. A model to measure collaboration maturity as part of adoption of social collaboration platforms and the related organisation and culture development.
  5. Collaborative Performance Management Model (CPMM)’s innovative and leading approach to individual and team performance management and appraisal.
  6. Digital Business Maturity Model (DBMM)’s model for guiding the appropriate digital transformation strategies in organisations.
  7. Holignment Organisation Maturity Index (HOMI) The most comprehensive normative assessment and organisation development and change tool available developed by renowned Dr. Myles Sweeney.
  8. IT-Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) The most complete body of knowledge , maturity model and tool set for driving business value through the management of technology from the IVI, Maynooth University and industry consortium.
  9. Scaling Capability Index (SCI)’s model and approach for scaling a business or organisation. Supports and barriers to growth measured and addressed.
  10. SMART2 Goals & KPI Model intelligentorg.coms innovative enhancement to the well known approach to creating great goals and objectives.

Management Model

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