Free: Starting & Scaling a business Master-Class

Thursday May 23rd @ 4PM (GMT)

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Due to high demand we are re-running our master-class for entrepreneur’s and business leader’s. This master-class introduces participants to each stage of the new business life-cycle from Idea to successful scaling and the areas to focus on to minimise risk and maximise value creation potential. It is delivered by an experienced and successful entrepreneur and provides real practical tools and techniques appropriate to each stage of evolution.

What previous participants said about this Master-Class

“A real practical & pragmatic guide to starting a business, from an experienced entrepreneur”

“Was not selling anything, just providing great information and tools”

“If had had this roadmap/model when I started up, I would have scaled business quicker”

“Understanding the phases and priorities in each phase, helped me focus”

“The importance of creating real advantage and converting that to a value proposition was re enforced for me”

“There are several tools and techniques presented, that I will immediately adopt to minimise risk”

Free to join (Click Here to register)



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