Frameworks & Tools

Latest innovative thinking, based on applied research, converted to comprehensive guides and tools for Leaders to achieve successful change and performance (BAM™ & OMI™)

Frameworks & Tools

Unique Models has developed and deployed two very innovative and unique Frameworks which enable leaders achieve better outcomes for their business, whether they are starting a new venture, scaling a current venture or need to make a strategic change to their direction. These Frameworks are based on practical experience and scientific research and are tools for both our professionals and your staff and teams to leverage and use to achieve your vision and goals for your venture.

The Business Advantage Model™ (BAM™)

The (BAM™) was developed to shorten the cycle from business idea to full commercial success, for entrepreneurs & leaders starting and/or scaling a business. It is unique in that at its core is the focus on “Advantage”. Advantage and the sources of advantage are what create value for customers/users and for stakeholders (Shareholders). The creation and leverage of Advantage is about “Doing the right things, the right way, at the right time”. The other unique feature of the BAM™ is that it identified 6 Stages or Phases a business progresses through in its life cycle. Within each phase it should do certain activities and achieve certain results in such a way that it can progress to the next stage/phase in the shortest possible time frame creating the maximum value for stakeholders by focusing on those activities and outcomes that contribute to maximising and leveraging the business advantage. The BAM™ is practical and very business centric, it is not an academic exercise, and at every stage of the model it guides the user on “the right things to do and How to do them?”  It covers every aspect of a venture, Problem/Opportunity, Solution (Product/Service), Competing, Markets & Marketing, Branding, Customers, Value, Operations, Sales, Finance & Funding, Resourcing, Competence, Teams, Management and Leadership, Governance & Compliance.

The Organisation Maturity Index™ (OMI™)

The Holignment OMI™ was developed to radically improve the outcomes from strategic and major tactical changes in an organisation. Research and experience continues to show very high failure rates of programs that are underpinned by major change initiatives, despite our maturing knowledge on the change management process. Dr Myles Sweeney spent many years researching the true basis for poor change outcomes and identified that the primary root cause was not in the change management process itself but in the actions and interventions taken to enable and effect the change.  The issue identified relates to taking the wrong actions for the level of maturity of the organisation or its sub units, though these actions may on the surface look appropriate they fail to take into account the functioning levels of the organisation. What OMI™ does is provide a scientific measurement (on-line) to determine the maturity of the system at all its levels. Organisations are underpinned by people and people based systems and their level of functioning determines performance, process, innovation, culture, in effect every aspect of the business. OMI™ measures all dimensions of the organisation, provides a guide as well as a dashboard for leaders can build and execute more appropriate change programs and interventions that achieve more successful outcomes because they allow the plan to reflect the different dynamics that exists at different levels across the organisation. The model can be applied to all types of scenarios where change is important, growth, turn-around, collaboration, M&A integration as just some examples

Framework Components

Each of our Frameworks are designed to include:-

  • Proven Model
  • Roadmap
  • Guides & Templates
  • Reports, Dashboards, KPI’s
  • Training


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