Entrepreneurs Master Class

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The Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Master-Class Series

The Program is designed to provide entrepreneurs and leaders with practical information, tools and a roadmap that allows them focus on doing the right thing, the right way at the right time when starting and growing a business. It is based on a simple model called “The business advantage model” which looks at the stages of evolution of a business from idea to achievement of success concentrating on minimising risks and creating competitive advantage by addressing the important issues at the right stage of the business evolution/maturity. It looks at the important dynamics of Markets, Customers, Products/Services, Governance, Finance & Funding and what should be in place at each stage of company/business development. The model and master class series are informed by the practical experience of the author/tutor in starting, growing, changing both successful companies mainly in the technology sector. The author has the benefit of years of business experience, mast successful but also the failures. The author continues to have an active involvement in 4 early stage companies, coaches and mentors many entrepreneurs and leaders and runs entrepreneur master classes and workshops for state economic development agencies.

The Master Class Series has previously run on a physical workshop basis, where participants are located in the same environment, however modern technology and more flexible needs of participants and tutors have enabled the series to be created and delivered in a virtual environment.

The primary series consists of 7 Modules; each module is approximately 1.5 Hours duration. 40% to 50% of each master class is interactive, allowing participants to interact and engage with each other and the tutor. There is also the opportunity to schedule a 15 minute personal confidential session with the tutor/mentor immediately after each module.

Module 1 (Understanding How to get started? and what the roadmap is likely to be?)-The Idea


  • Understanding the simplicity & complexity of starting, growing and/or changing a business.
  • Ideas, Inventions, Innovations & Enterprise
  • Understanding the sources and drivers of innovation
  • The critical success factors and stages of development
  • The phases of starting & growing a business
  • Processes, tools and guides for starting & scaling a business
  • Business Models
  • Intro to the Business Model Canvas



( Value proposition, Business Model, Competitive Advantage, Key words Compelling & Driver)

Module 2 (Is there a real business proposition that can be delivered?) – The potential

  • Evaluating the opportunity and value proposition
  • Understanding the customer and market
  • Understanding the capability required to deliver (Competence & Capacity)
  • Sources of Resources
  • Strategic intent and alignment

(Supply chain, Business Model, Core Competence, Shareholder Agreements, Incorporation, Feasibility Study)

Module 3 (Creating a business plan that has credibility) – Creation and Validation

  • Proving the Model & Concept
  • Engaging the customer & market
  • Putting the team together
  • Do the numbers add up

( Agile R & D process, Market entry strategy, Angel/Early stage funding, early contract needs)

Module 4 (Getting commercial traction and momentum) – Proving

  • Are the first customers representative of the market
  • The Marketing and Sales engine
  • Performance management
  • Getting more structured

( Board of Directors, Advisors, Sales Process, Integrated Marketing & metrics, KPI’s, Lock-in’s, financial control)

Module 5 (Protecting the business and Assets) – Securing Momentum

  • Creating critical mass
  • Preparing to scale
  • Product/Service Life cycles
  • Securing resources

(IPR protection, CRM, Brand building, Success Sharing, ROI/Exit Planning, Professional funding)

Module 6 (Scaling the Business) – Leveraging Advantage & Assets

  • Product/Service Innovation
  • Collaboration to release talent
  • Asset control and leveraging
  • Growth strategies

(Channel development, Brand Management, Organic & Inorganic growth, eBusiness, Cash, Treasury, M & A )


Module 7 (Diversification and Adapting the Business) – Innovation

  • Value realization
  • Strategic Drivers for Change
  • Change Management
  • Where to Start?

(Diversification, Business Model Canvas, Exit)










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