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Advantage Notes are a series of papers, notes and guides which provide information for entrepreneurs to improve their startup or scaling performance. These notes add to or elaborate on the main principals of the Business Advanatge Model , support its application and/or contribute to the roadmap outlined in the book “Advantage – A Roadmap for entrepreneurs and leaders in the digital age”.

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3.                5 Critical Success Factors for Entrepreneurial Economies

This Note elaborates on the top 5 factors that influence the economic impact of start up and scaling ventures on an economy. It identifies those factors that increase entrepreneurial activity, improve outcomes for entrepreneurs and economies creating value, wealth, jobs and growth.


2.                Entering Foreign Markets with Advantage

This note outlines a strategy and process for organisations wishing to enter new markets, it focuses on new geographic markets, which could include adjacent or remote Cities, Counties, States and Countries (Unfamiliar markets). It presents a guide to leverage advantage when entering foreign markets in a structured but agile/organic manner. It is designed to help the reader answer the questions Why enter a foreign market? Where to Enter? What to enter with? How to enter? and confirm there is a business case?  (Register below for password to Download, once registered proceed to @dvantage NOTE Downloads, using link below)


1.                 Business & Operational Processes for Scaling

 This note describes and explains all the key business and operational processes essential for successful scaling, it elaborates the key considerations and the KPI’s for performance Management relating to the process and covers Commercial, Resource, Business Governance & Delivery Operations. (Register below for password to Download, once registered proceed to @dvantage NOTE Downloads, using link below)


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