@dvantage NOTES Launched

Following the publication success of the book “Advantage – A Roadmap for Entrepreneurs & Leaders in the Digital Age” and interest in additional and elaborated topics we have launched “Advantage Notes”. Advantage notes are a series of papers, information and notes that further help entrepreneurs and leaders take actions that further minimise risk and enhance the potential for commercial success. The first in the series is outlined below:

Advantage Note 1 (@NOTE 1) “Business processes & KPI’s necessary for successful scaling”

Early stage companies with small team succeed in many ways due to the people, their competence, commitment, communications and teamwork. In order to scale the business where there is an increase in the volume and variery of people, activities and deliverables it is necessary to introduce pragmatic formality to most aspects of the business to ensure consistancy, efficiency, quality, clarity and stakeholder satisfaction. This paper looks at the key processes and systems in the business, explains why they are important, what must be considered and how to maximise performance across all business processes. (Link to register and download @NOTE 1)

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