Coming 2013 – Free Master Class, Version 2 BAM(tm) , New Book

Entrepreneurs Master Class (Module 1) Weds Feb 6th, 4.00 PM (GMT), 2013

This workshop is Module 1 of 7 “The Idea Stage”

The objective of this workshop is to provide participants with a broad view of “What is in front of an entrepreneur with an idea or opportunity? and How to reduce the risk and increase success potential when starting a new venture?”

It will cover sources of ideas and innovations, introduces an entrepreneurs road map/guide, explain why its important to “do the right things, the right way , at the right time“. It introduces the phases of a business and competitive advantage evolution and looks at the ciritical dimensions of the business as they relate to the phases of development. “The Offer, The Solution, The Customer, The Market, The Team, The Governance, The Resources/Finances”.

Business Advantage Model Version 2 – BAM(tm) (Q1)

Version 2 of the business advantage model will be released during Q1, 2013. The Model has been further refined based on both research and engagement with entrepreneurs (successful & struggling) and the author’s experience with several start up’s during 2011-2012. Version 2 builds on the primary theme of “Creating & Leveraging Advantage in and for the business” .In addition it refines and add more details for each stage of the business evolution in order that entrepreneurs, leaders and managers get real world information , tools and guides on “Doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time” across all dimensions of the business (Opportunity, Solution, Customer, Market, Team, Governance, Finance & Resourcing)

New Book (Mid-Year)

We are currently writing an easy to read book on “Starting and Managing a business”. It is primarily designed to provide a guide or road-map for entrepreneurs but initial reviewers say its content is of interest to all leaders and aspiring leaders and managers. We have not yet decided the Title “Fur coat and no Knickers” was suggested as the primary author named one type of entrepreneur, however maybe we will use a more professional title but the above suggestion is a little taster of the style which is very pragmatic, informative and uses humour to help you along through the read.

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