What is Collaboration and Collaboration Platforms?

Collaboration is when two or more people come together where they share a common aim or interest with a view to a specific objective. Social collaboration platforms facilitate successful collaboration. However collaboration is basically a human interpersonal activity within and across organization’s and as such, driving collaboration to release talent and achieve an organization goal(s) must be calibrated to align the people and organization’s behaviors and maximize adoption traction.

The critical considerations when accelerating collaboration relate to how people behave and interact within and/or across groups/organization’s. Personal skills and behaviors coupled with Interpersonal skills and behaviors underpin the basis for collaboration and teamwork. Individuals, Groups & Organizations have different experiences, cultures and styles and in order to get the maximum return from any investment in collaboration and collaboration platforms we need to follow an approach that engages staff and aligns the organization development interventions with the platform deployment program.

Deployment of social collaboration platforms provides tools and facilitates collaboration, however depending on the organization’s collaboration maturity level , returns and successful release of talent from a platform deployment may be hampered. Research has shown that the relative focus of interventions changes depending on the collaboration maturity level of an organization. The chart below indicates the relative scale of Personal, Organization and Platform development interventions for different levels of maturity.

Drivers for Collaboration 

Accelerating Innovation, Productivity, Knowledge Management & Teamwork

In today’s global environment, organizations whether they are Public, Private or Not for Profit must continually adapt and change to remain relevant to their stakeholders, citizens and markets. In recent decades we have moved to more service & knowledge based societies and economies.

Innovation, Knowledge Management and how people work together in and across organizations is or can fundamentally change, releasing the talent that exists or joining an organization. Leaders in organizations want to facilitate these changes ultimately to positively impact their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Information technology is a key tool for enabling the release of an organizations talent to impact the bottom line KPI’s. With the advent of social media & Collaboration platforms people and information can interact in ways that were never possible in the past. In addition our young people entering the workforce are already literate and socialized with these technologies. However collaboration is a human activity and as such it is the people who are central to it’s success. The formula for success is as follows:-


Whether it be Revenue, Profit, Service level, Productivity, Satisfaction etc. that are the core end game, we need to have an acceptance that change is necessary and collaboration platforms can enable these KPI’s to be achieved because the purpose of the Platform is to:-

a)     Speeding up Responsiveness

b)    Facilitating Innovation

c)     Enhancing Learning

d)    Growing the competence mass of the organization

e)     Increasing the capacity and speed of organizational intelligence

f)     Improving Involvement and Sharing Responsibility

Change Management and Collaboration

Organisations have learned over many years that teamwork and collaboration not only produces better results but stakeholder satisfaction levels are much improved. Collaboration may not come naturally to team or individuals through their backgrounds and experience. The current organisation environment will have a normative culture and values which will be reflected in how people work together. Introducing a collaborative culture and/or platform will change the way people work and communicate for the better. Experience today suggests that organisations who recognise this, treat as a strategic and use Organisation Development programs to facilitate get far better outcomes.

Where does HOMI fit? have built a diagnostic survey and set of reports and dashboards, that allow the scientific measurement of collaboration maturity. By integrating this tool and using our own or some other collaboration program methodology the rate of acceleration and adoption of collaboration and collaboration platforms is accelerated. we can monitor progress and address both the human dimension as well as the process and system dimension of collaboration.

For more information on collaboration and collaboration platform deployment visit our collaboration portal CollaborationIP

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