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Change is a very generic term and is a continual process in most organisations, however strategic or major tactical step change and the ability of an organisation to manage these successfully is often a challenge, unless there is an inbuilt culture of innovation, change and trust. is different from many other experts in change in that it focuses first on the business value of changes and assists and understands why a business, venture or Unit is driven to change and how to make the decisions about why? What? & How? The business should change in order to sustain, create or scale the value of the business to stakeholders. We combine this business contribution with the organisation development expertise to assure more successful outcomes for the business/venture as regards the core KPI’s but also the change process outcomes leveraging a combination of our frameworks where appropriate (BAM™) &(OMI™).

Change can be proactive or reactive, intelligent organisations continually scan their environment, anticipate and react to projected changes that would dilute the advantage of that organisation. However we can never predict everything and sudden shifts occur that require the organisation to change. We use the analogy of a field sport to consider some types of strategic or major tactical changes:

  • Change the game on the current field
  • Start playing the game on another field
  • Start playing a different game on the same field
  • Start playing a different game on a different field.

So the following are the areas we can add value:

  • New solutions & Markets
  • New competencies
  • New business model
  • New structures
  • Rightsizing (including downsizing)
  • M & A
  • In/Outsourcing
  • Divestment



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