Change Leaders & Agents


Change Leaders

You are the person with a significant responsibility for facilitating a change whether routine or strategic. You have some expertise and awareness around the process of change. You are seeking an additional set of tools which will aid in ensuring successful change outcomes. You are seeking a tool that will look holistically at all aspects of the organisation that has a basis in science and research as well as practical application.

There are many dimensions to Organisation Learning and Organisation systems , you want to address not just the formalised aspect but the informal, behavioural and cultural aspects of change. You want to be able to measure and identify those obstacles to change and those actions that address specific obstacles. You may also want to benchmark you change capability across different units of the business. You do not wish to adopt a one size fits all action plan but actually tailor interventions to address the maturity level and dynamics at a unit level as well as at the organisation wide level.

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