Change and Intelligent Organisation Services




Change & Intelligent Organisation Services

Each Client situation is different so each service we provide is tailored to the specific client needs, whether it is a specific intervention we help with or a program of activity. We are not in the business of maximising billable days from a client, we view our role as enabling our clients take control of and manage their strategic and tactical changes and drive their organisation Intelligence to the highest possible learning levels.  We have packaged our core service areas as a way of enabling potential or current clients understand how we can create added value support and how we might jointly design a support program.

(S0) Intelligent Needs Analysis Workshop

This service is designed for Organisations who at a point in time have decided we need to stand back and look at where we are, where we are going and what we may want to do to increase our performance and learning levels. It can be for organisations that are comfortable with the status quo but want to get more pro-active, organisations that are dissatisfied with the status quo and want to identify cause of dissatisfaction and plan a way forward. We will help you diagnose your current situation and design a target situation with a deliverable being a Vision for the organisation.

(S1) Intelligent Change Strategy Review

This service is where we facilitate your key stakeholders carrying out a strategic review of the business. We do not promote change for the sake of change, however intelligent organisations continually monitor their external and internal environment to identify potential challenges and opportunities and have processes that allow it to be pro-active and adapt to changing environments. The deliverable will be an outline revised strategy and it’s OD impact.

(S2) Intelligent Change Mobilisation Workshop

Having recognised the need for change and the need for key stakeholder engagement, this workshop is designed to initiate the process, engage the stakeholders in both the problem statement and the solution design and within the process to educate the participants in good change management practice. The outcomes of the workshop should be a high level change program and an improved capability to change.

(S3) Intelligent Change Readiness Review

Knowing the capacity to change down to a unit level is fundamental to ensuring change interventions get traction. One size fits all is rarely successful. Having an evaluation that tell you both the generic readiness (Integrative or disintegrative) and the specific areas that intervention is required for a unit is an essential CSF for change. We facilitate this assessment and provide guidelines to a unit level for our clients, we also provide them with a roadmap to create sustainable change on an on-going basis.

(S4) Intelligent Change Process & Structure

Though there are generic change processes and structures, each organisation is different, we help you design a process and structure that will optimise the outcomes and ensure you achieve your change goals.

(S5) Intelligent Gap analysis

Gap analysis is an essential tool for all changes , there are several key gaps that need to be understood. For the organisation at any level we need to understand the current maturity level and capacity to change versus 1) the minimum capacity required for sustainable success and/or 2) The optimum target performance goal. The second area Gap analysis is critical is where the structural components are changing, i.e. at a unit level there will be process, people and performance change objectives. At its most basic a unit will merge, de-merge, scale or reduce. Where we bring together two components to form a revised unit it is essential to know what the differences are, are they at a level that they can accommodate the change, what unique interventions are required at a unit level in advance and in the new Unit during the change. This service facilitates management’s understanding and planning for these scenarios.

(S6) Intelligent Benchmarking

Understanding the maturity and learning level of the organisation at each level of granularity required allows management design and plan change and development to ensure the organisation as a whole develops towards the highest levels of performance. Being able to compare, share learning and take appropriate action at a unit level is essential. Being able to understand the impact of function, geography, culture, and many other dynamics enables the leadership understand how to leverage differences and decide what is appropriate globally and what is appropriate only locally. Our internal benchmarking service assists management create the global benchmark program.

(S7) Intelligent Strategic Change Program Services

In this service type we bring together the combined aspects of the above services to assist you design and successfully execute a program of change to address a specific change your team have identified as a critical success factor going forward.  We use our experience in the specific areas to help you refine your plan and create successful outcomes:



In/Out Sourcing


Business Turnaround

Business Growth

Merger & Acquisition

Talent Management

Intelligence is a key part of running a business today and you need to form the right growth strategies for taking it to the next level. IntelligentOrg provides you the business change management advice and m & a integration solutions you are looking for. With our help, you can work out the best intelligence system for your business.

Whether you are planning for company mergers or need start-up support, the consultants at will provide the advice you are looking for. You can get advice for any stage of organization development you need. It is important for the growth and survival of your business to be following the right strategies for evolution so there are no stumbling blocks along the way.

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