Capability Improvement Program (CIP)

From The Innovation Value Institute and its industry led research consortium in Maynooth University.

Capability Improvement Program (CIP) is a methodology for effective deployment and benefits realisation using IT-CMF for your IT enabled transformations & improvements

1. Why do organisations need to improve their IT capability?

Information Technology has become a core capability and increasingly defines a company’s ability to compete in today’s competitive environment. It is no longer sufficient to simply have good products and services; nowadays organisations must also sense and respond to new and existing opportunities and threats. To achieve this, an understanding of existing and required IT capabilities is vital because IT capabilities will form the basis of the organisations advantage. The Capability Improvement Process (CIP) has been developed as a management tool to help organisations leverage IT-CMF to identify, assess manage and improve its core IT capabilities for improved business value. Understanding the maturity of the various IT capabilities enables decisions to be made on where to invest important or critical resources based on the company’s current and future strategic objectives whether they be transformation or continuous improvement related.

2. Why is CIP important to users of IT-CMF?

IT-CMF is an extensive and sophisticated maturity framework. It enables users measure the maturity of their IT capabilities in order that they can focus on building and improving those priority capabilities that will enable the target goals and performance levels to be achieved for the organisation. IT-CMF consists of:

  • An extensive body of knowledge
  • 3 Levels of Maturity Assessments
  • Training and education

IT-CMF modelHowever every organisation is different, their goals and objectives, their business & industry, their structures and histories, their current context. The starting point and route for their capability improvement journeys will differ. CIP was designed and developed to plan, monitor and complete your journey in unfamiliar territory. Think of it as the GPS for transformation and improvement.

cip mod 1

The 4 key phases of CIP are the major stages of the journey highlighted on an organisations CIP roadmap.

Discover: Preparing for the journey: Assessing the current situation and defining the problem and/or opportunity and the target organisation outcomes and the related capabilities.

Design: Planning the route and means: Design of CIP program, how IT-CMF will be used, focus and priorities, teams and target capabilities for improvement along with success measurements.

Execute: managing and completing this current journey: Forming improvement teams, completing capability improvements and measuring operational and strategic outcomes, adjusting and adapting.

Embed: Updating the maps, guides and means for future journeys: Operationalising the changes and improvements, embedding in culture, continuous review and assessment.

cip 7 cmf mod 1

  1. How does CIP work?

Each of the four key phases of CIP breaks down into a series of activities and related tasks with expected outcomes and specific deliverables.

CIP mod 2

The phases, activities and tasks are supported by a range of templates, tools, eLearning modules and guides. These are designed to enable the CIP leaders and their team participants to progress through their CIP & use of IT-CMF on a step by step basis.

CIP journey 1

  1. How does it all hang together?

Purple is IT-CMF, Red is CIP

total model

When we look at the model overall CIP is the Capability Management process, IT-CMF is the operational capability change process, and People, Resources & Practices are the components of capability we change and improve.

  1. What support is available to enable the adoption of CIP & IT-CMF ?

IVI & IVI Partner Organisations (many who also contribute to R & D as members of the IVI consortium) have a range of Solutions, Supports & Services to enable your organisation design and implement its transformation and/or improvement program. For further information email Core Services available relating to capability building & improvement include:-

  • CIP Strategy Services
  • CIP Mobilisation Services
  • CIP Assessment Services
  • CIP Execution Review Services
  • CIP & IT-CMF Training
  1. How do I get started with CIP & IT-CMF?

There are several starting points you can consider:

  • Talk to an IVI or Partner Advisor
  • Schedule a strategy workshop
  • Read the book “Title”
  1. Further information

Please contact IVI at or +353 1 7086931.

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) is an Irish government sponsored technology centre based in Maynooth University, Ireland with a membership of hundreds of blue chip organisations.














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