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Our professional have extensive experience in the technology sector and/or technology roles, with backgrounds in Engineering and Science during their careers they progressed into business and senior management roles, many having been successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. We focus on business technology, where technology is actually the business or where technology is a strategic enabler of the business. Though we have strong technology backgrounds our focus is helping clients design and implement business models and plans that leverage the maximum return from technology. We help design the approach and support implementation and benefits realisation, however we use or recommend technology partners for the specific projects that our clients engage in to improve their business and business performance. So we focus on the application of our business and technology skills to Business Development and Performance Improvement and also enabling any related changes.

ICT Strategy

ICT is central to most ventures now and the CIO is normally highly influential not only from the technology aspects of the business but to the business itself. Boards and senior managers no longer look at ICT as a cost but expect ICT to deliver measurable business value and the ICT team to innovate for the business as a whole. We work with clients in both the public and private sector to assess their current capability and target capability connected to the business goals and assist in the design of every aspect of the strategy to deliver business value. ICT touches virtually every stakeholder in the business so in particular we look at the Organisation Development aspects, as much as the Processes, Technologies and Competencies. We also advise on the selection and adoption of appropriate industry standard Frameworks for managing ICT such as ISO, ITIL, CMMI, Cobit, IT-CMF.


Modern Social Media and Collaboration technology are enabling new ways of working, communications and socialising. New entrants to the workforce are very IT literate and competent on using many of the new technologies and expect the same in their work environment. However more importantly there are vast amounts of untapped talent and knowledge in most organisations and new ways to engage with customers, suppliers, citizens and other stakeholders that create much higher value for our venture. We work with clients to identify and implement collaboration strategies to release that talent and value available within the organisations stakeholder groups. The power of social collaboration platforms to create new ways of working that are more productive and innovative is astonishing. But this is not a technology focussed program it is as much about organisation development and culture change and must be linked to the business KPI’s. We have unique proprietary tools such as OMI and CMI which enable us to assist clients maximise the ROI from all their investment in Social and Collaboration platforms.

eBusiness & mBusiness

Every day new business models are emerging through the application of new and emerging technology, not only are they emerging but the pace of change is accelerating. With modern software development technologies and methodologies its possible within a few months  to develop and release new business applications and software products. How business , consumers and citizens access and engage with products and services has expanded with the Internet and explosion of mobile devices and various innovations in connectivity and communications. Our client use our expertise and experience to evaluate what the appropriate e & m business is for their ventures and to support them in the design and execution of their strategies.

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