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Strategic Business Development is split out as a service line because it’s so central to the success of any venture. Its focus is the customer/client , it’s about understanding who are they, what are their needs, where are they and can we access them. How attractive are they and who else is selling to them (Competition). Do they see and experience value from our offering. We work with clients on direct and indirect models both traditional and on-line both B2B & B2C.

Feasibility Study

A key early step in any business development initiative is to confirm if the proposition is viable, it could be for a new product  or service, a new market, a new business or business unit. Feasibility is relevant to start-up, spin-out, scaling, Large enterprises and also NGO and Public sector.  Our studies have exceeded our clients expectations because not only do we provide them with the assessment of the opportunity , we also provide recommendations on strategy and plans that will strengthen the ROI potential for the opportunity. Primary research includes direct contact with target market clients, while secondary research considers the research by specific related experts and analysts.


Our clients come to us with innovations, inventions, products, services and platforms where they have developed some core IPR they wish to commercialise. Corporates, Research Centres, Technology Centres, 3rd level institutions and individuals who want independent , objective expertise, assessment and advice in relation to the commercial potential and appropriate strategy and plan to realise value from their proposition. We consider every aspect of taking their proposition and creating a successful commercial outcome (If it’s feasible). We provide them with a road-map to guide their commercialisation project.

New Market Entry & Foreign Market Entry

Entering a new market is analogous to starting a new business, however often the assumption is “we are successful in our current market , so we will have no problems in the new market” , this may be correct, but this assumption has led to many organisations underperforming or failing when they enter a new or foreign market. Because our professionals have led the entry to new markets and advised on same, they understand the pitfalls and the alternative approaches that can be adopted. We use a sub-set of the Business Advantage Model™ to ensure our clients enter new markets with Advantage.

Mergers,  Acquisitions and Disposals

Though titles M & A, what we are considering with our clients are the in-organic growth options available to them. Its fundamentally the “Make, Buy or Rent” decision when it comes to expanding or adjusting Competence, Capability, Products, Markets or Client base. These transactions can accelerate growth more rapidly than organic growth, however they come with a different set of risks, challenges and opportunities. A very high percentage of M,A & D  transactions underperform , we work with  ventures often have limited experience where we guide them through the process from due diligence to post integration and everything in between, or in the case of disposal from Feasibility to final hand-over.

Channel Development & Management

For many organisations indirect servicing of a market can be the primary or complementary model to drive the business forward. There are multiple options for the implementation of an indirect model both in the traditional world and also the virtual on-line world. We work with clients to evaluate and compare both direct and indirect alternatives available to them, we carry out feasibility assessments and we help design and implement the optimum model for their particular proposition.

Partner Development & Management

There are many different partner types available to a venture they can be strategic (An extension of your organisation) or tactical (To achieve a specific goal), again its “A Make, Buy, Rent” type of decision. Channel partnering above is just one example to access and service a market or segment, there are R & D, Technology, Resourcing, JV’s etc. and many other types of partners. We work with clients to firstly identify if partnering is an appropriate strategy and presents the best opportunity for value creation, we then assist in the selection, set up and operation of the partnership.

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