Better SMART Objectives & Goals (SMART-Squared) @NOTE 10


Advantage NOTE 10 – SMART2 (Squared) – Goals & Objectives


SMART2 is an enhancement of the term SMART when applied to a goal or objective, in a SMART objective each letter has one meaning to guide in the definition of good/effective objective or goal statements. However it has been found that by enhancing it to where each letter has two guiding principles that stronger goals and objectives can be defined and written.

Unambiguous focus on purpose


  • Specific (Clear, Definitive &,Precise)
  • Short (Brief & Concise)

Relevant indicator of progress


  • Measurable (Can be measured, a metric/target applied)
  • Meaningful (Symbolic, significant, relating to target value)

Owner confidence in successful outcome


  • Attainable (Can be achieved, realistic)
  • Assigned (Owned, identified as responsible)

Visible output with impact


  • Relevant (Related, pertinent, connected)
  • Results based (Outcomes & Deliverables are clear)

Contributes to top goal(s) and timeline


  • Time Bound (time associated with achievement)
  • Traceable (connected, tracking, association record)

(Smart objectives)



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