BAM(tm) Version 2 (Jan2013) – Model Detail

Stage 1 (Dynamic 1-7) Cells ( BAM )

“Potential Advantage”

  • Validation of Business Proposition: confirmation we are building the right business

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Potential Advantage

Stage 2 (Dynamic 1-7) Cells

“Create Advantage”

  • Verification of Business Proposition: Confirmation we can build it right

Create Advantage

Stage 3 (Dynamic 1-7) Cells

“Proving Advantage”

  • Confirmation with customers that scalable value exists

Prove Advantage

Stage 4 (Dynamic 1-7) Cells

Protecting Advantage”

  • Securing growth, share & loyalty

Protect Advantage

Stage 5 (Dynamic 1-7) Cells

“Leveraging Advantage”

  • Scaling the Business leveraging assets to extend reach

Leverage Advantage

Stage 6 (Dynamic 1-7) Cells

“Changing Advantage”

  • Continuous Innovation – Continuous entrepreneurial growth

Change Advantage



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