Agile Business Method (ABM)

Our Agile Business approach to assignment delivery draws from the agile techniques in the software development world. We believe that short delivery cycles that impact the business and create early and continuous outcomes for clients are better than the big bang and big project approach. We call these short delivery cycles sprints, at the end of each sprint the client will have visible progress with useful deliverables and impact on any assignment KPI’s . In addition it allows for continuous flexible learning and adjustment as the reality is we do not know everything that could influence the aims and outcomes at the start of a projects. So we developed ABM. There are three distinct phases in ABM.

Stabilisation Sprint

This sprint we engage with stakeholders to establish the current situation, target situation and any urgent stabilisation actions required.

Strategy Sprint

This sprint builds out on the stabilisation sprint findings and allows for diagnosis, analysis and confirming the direction and aims that the client requires as a result of our engagement. It produces the roadmap and plan.

Implementation Sprints

These are the execution and delivery sprints, the first sprint plan is included in the strategic plan and it includes the set of of the capability for successful sprints going forward (Team, Resources, Process, Skills, Tools)






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