Strategic Business & IT Services (SBITS) Overview

SBITS is a small boutique Business & Technology consulting and service provider led by Declan Kavanagh. It has a small team of very skilled and experienced professionals each with backgrounds and successful track records in Multinationals, Large Enterprises, SME’s. Each of our professionals also have entrepreneurial successes under their belt, and have operated at “C” level. As a team and as individuals we are driven by achieving successful results for our clients and for ourselves, our goals are to exceed expectations , impact where our clients want the impact and at the right level.

We enjoy our work and only take on interesting and challenging assignments, that make a difference for our clients, where we work with people we like and enjoy working with, in a collaborative manner. And we are fairly rewarded. We are not shy about stating the truth about our values but also about what is important to our client goals and their projects. We are considered easy to work with and productive and can provide excellent references.

What you get is a resource equivalent to a partner or consulting director in a big 6 firm and an equivalent service level, however we are more agile, higher value (more competitive pricewise), and our professionals do the work. We do not have a team of juniors running around behind us that we field off the leg work to, however should it be required we can suggest and/or provide options to ensure we get the best value from our professional expertise.

When our clients approach us they usually have a problem, perceive a shortfall or have identified or need to identify a new opportunity. They want independent capability (Process, Skills, Tools) to verify and validate the current situation , facilitate the definition of a target situation and enable the client with an executable plan, which we support as relevant.

Our Sweet-Spot is where Business Performance is the driver and technology is central to that performance and where there is an International Dimension. Our professionals are comfortable working at all levels in the organisation up to the board, and often end up building enduring professional relationships with client staff becoming formal and informal coaches and mentors.

So after all that what do we do? How can we add value? Well in reality we are a services firm so first we must understand the problem or opportunity, there are very few  domains we cannot address or, introduce a credible relevant organisation or person. So the best starting point is put the problem/opportunity to us.  Our approach and some of the areas we can assist with are as follows:-

Our Agile Delivery Methodology is called Agile Business Method (ABM)

Agile Business Methodology

Agile Business Methodology

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