10 Step Tips for an Effective Market Study

For most organisations and businesses a critical success factor is the evidence and basis for entering a market or introducing a new product or service. Completing an effective Market Study is an essential early stage activity which will inform the strategy and plan. Its not good enough just to contract a specialist to do this , you need to own it as an organic and continuous part of your business. So how do you go about carrying out an effective study or selecting an advisor to assist you ? (Read @Note 18)

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“NEW” Scaling Growth Master-Class

This new masterclass is designed to enable participants understand the capability that exist in their organisation/business to scale and to develop a scaling strategy and plan that assures they can attain their potential to scale within current resources and should they add new investment in scaling they maximise their ROI.

Scaling Growth is not automatic , nor is it necessarily simple as many of us discover, however there are tools and approaches that help leaders and teams attain their potential scale. For more information or to download PDF overview (Click Here)

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@Note 17 Intro. to Scaling Capability Index (pt.1)

@Note 14 introduced the business scaling capability model. We now elaborate on the model and what we can measure to create an index of an organisations capability to scale. This will enable analysis of both structural and asset scaling capability variables and lead to managers being able to prioritise actions that will enable greater scaling potential and remove current barriers to scaling their business. To read the full paper click here

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