5 Pitfalls, 5 CSF’s and 6 Steps to Social Collaboration Platform ROI

Social Collaboration is the manner which many individuals and organisations aspire to work. The advent of social media and social connection platforms can enable greater collaboration. The ultimate goal for us is to release and harness the talent available in our organisations. However its not as simple as set up a social media presence or implement an organisation wide collaboration platform and “hey presto” we will get a massive ROI. The benchmark outcomes arise when an organisation understand and take into account that collaboration is a human behaviour, and collaboration programs involve Organisation Development. Read about the 5 Pitfalls, the 5 critical success factors and a 6 stage approach to successful collaboration (Link) Continue reading

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Early Results of a global survey on the effectiveness of Individual performance review

Early Results of a global survey on the effectiveness of Individual performance management and review indicate though 100% or respondent believe individual performance management is highly important in their organisation 15% indicate that it is ineffective in their organisations and 32% attribute that to the effectiveness of their performance manager. 38% of respondents believe the HR department own the Individuals engagement in performance management, while 48% see it as the managers role, only 15% believe it’s the individual themselves.

A significant majority of respondents (70%+) indicate there is strong opportunity to improve the process in particular linking of individual goals and KPI’s to the organisations, improved process with reduced paperwork while 93% indicate more use of modern Information Technology can improve outcomes.

These are early indicators and the survey is still open, please complete the survey below if you have not already done so or by following this link. http://svy.mk/18V1KLO.

performance review


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Does the seed capital ecosystem in Ireland work? And if not Why? @NOTE 11

I was chatting with a friend yesterday who is a veteran of the tech sector, he is having a challenging time getting finance to support the early scaling of his business , his needs are primarily working capital as his product is designed, supply chain is in place, he has a pipeline of customers but he can’t seem to get financial support. This is an individual who has done it before creating a multinational that had a successful IPO.

I then looked at my own experience those of my contacts on both sides of the seed/angel funding table and I am coming to the conclusion Continue reading

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Better SMART Objectives & Goals (SMART-Squared) @NOTE 10


Advantage NOTE 10 – SMART2 (Squared) – Goals & Objectives


SMART2 is an enhancement of the term SMART when applied to a goal or objective, in a SMART objective each letter has one meaning to guide in the definition of good/effective objective or goal statements. However it has been found that by enhancing it to where each letter has two guiding principles that stronger goals and objectives can be defined and written. Continue reading

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Research Survey on Individual Performance Management & Review (Takes 5 mins)

This survey is intended to help understand the supports and barriers to effective Individual performance management in organisations and how technology can enhance both the process and performance outcomes. (The report will be published to all).