Report from 12th International Entrepreneurship Forum ( IEF ), Vilnius, 2013 (@NOTE 7)

Advantage NOTE 7 – Notes from the 12th Annual International Entrepreneurship Forum ,Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013


I attended and presented at the 12th IEF , though I did not make notes, I am sharing some of the highlights. The theme of this year’s conference was “Social Sustainability and Economic Security: The Agenda for Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century” . It was a small but intimate conference, with a high degree of discussion and debate amongst the attendees (Circa 50). Attendees came  from all over the globe bringing together a diverse set of ideas, information and research with the underpinning goal of improving both our understanding, policy and practice to accelerate economic stability and security through more and more successful business start up’s. The participation and hosting by the Military Academy of Lithuania , where future officers in the Lithuanian Military complete their military training in parallel with a 3rd level university degree , highlighted the important relationship between economic security and stability and political stability and peace. The attendees also included a rich mix of eminent academics, researchers and business people. The summary below does not cover all the parallel sessions as it was impossible to attend all, it is intended to give a flavour of the conference. Continue reading

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