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Following the publication success of the book “Advantage – A Roadmap for Entrepreneurs & Leaders in the Digital Age” and interest in additional and elaborated topics we have launched “Advantage Notes”. Advantage notes are a series of papers, information and notes that further help entrepreneurs and leaders take actions that further minimise risk and enhance the potential for commercial success. The first in the series is outlined below:

Advantage Note 1 (@NOTE 1) “Business processes & KPI’s necessary for successful scaling”

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Irish Team present at Sarajevo EBRD conference

An Irish team of technology sector industry veteran’s recently presented at a European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) conference in support of the development of the IT sector in the region. Topics presented included “Exporting IT products and services to the EU”, “Developments in the Software Business” and “The role of Technology and Enterprise Supports” . The EBRD supports the development of companies in the region through a number of different programs.

Ozren Tosic EBRD Team Coordinator, Natalia Meylunas      EBRD Regional Head, Declan Kavanagh, Cairin O Connor, Cian Kinsella (Irish Advisors),  Emir Somun EBRD Local Manager

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Irish Experts Assist Western Balkan Tech Companies.

Dublin – June 12, 2013:  Following the recent announcement that former Irish Ambassador to the US & Mexico, Sean Donlon, has been nominated by the Government as Ireland’s representative on the Board of the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), we can also report that several Irish business people are working on behalf of the EBRD as advisors to ICT companies in the Balkans, most notably in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At a conference organised by the EBRD Small Business Support team in Sarajevo on 4-5 June, three Irish ICT industry veterans presented to the local ICT industry on such topics as “Exporting IT products and services to the EU”, “Developments in the Software Business” and “The role of Technology and Enterprise Supports” in stimulating the growth of entrepreneurship and enterprise.

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eBook Launch Promotion “Advantage”

“A Roadmap for Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders”

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“The model presented in the book is a step forward vis-à-vis the old fashioned model of the business plan” ,which is in line with The international Academy for Entrepreneurship experimental methodology.  Therefore, most sincere compliments.”

Professor Piero Formica

 “Advantage  is a sharing of Declan’s experiences and understanding of the challenges posed to the start-up entrepreneur, is a testament to both his wish to help others and to his own drive to succeed”

Noel Crawford (Head of IBM Innovation Centre)

“If I had this book, I would have saved time and energy searching each of them independently to know which areas to focus on in the ventures I have been involved with.”

Vaus Aslaun (Silicon Valley Entrepreneur)

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Establishing Target Market Data for business plans

Establishing Target Market Data for business plans

In my career I have seen everything from highly focused and detailed market definition and sizing to finger in the air generic statements of the target market. If we understand correctly the driver/reason we want to define and quantify a target market, then perhaps we can strike the right balance of effort and cost versus usefulness and accuracy of target market definition. I am considering this subject matter from the position of preparing a credible business plan or business case for 1. Making a decision to proceed (perhaps also related investment decision) 2. Providing clarity and direction for market and sales development initiatives. Let us get some clarity around some terms that are used relating to markets.

Target Market: Is often the general term used to provide a high level communication to stakeholders as to where you may find customers and where you intend to do business. It may be defined descriptively in terms such as, Geography, Demographics, Technology, Buyer types and general macro-economic descriptors, and/or in terms of numbers such as Macro & Micro economic terms such as Numbers of companies of a specific Size, Revenues, Trends ,  Employees, Performance broken down into specific segmentation based on other variables.

Addressable Market: is that refined market definition  where our advantage gives a compelling reason to the customers in that defined market to purchase our product Continue reading

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