Engaging Stakeholders and People in Change

Engaging People in Change

The most critical success factor in creating successful change is the engagement of the stakeholders in the change. So who are these stakeholders? The answer is anyone who is actively involved in the change or impacted by the change.

Change will impact every individual and groups of individuals in different ways , so a “one size fits all” approach to engaging the individuals in the change will not optimise outcomes and lead to an efficient and effective change.

What do we mean by engagement in change?

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Why deployment of social connection Platforms may not gain traction in an organization?

(& what can be done to maximize engagement and outcomes?)


The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with some tools and techniques which will accelerate their organization’s performance, towards the leadership position in their space, enabling significant changes in how people work and collaborate. In addition to ensure that investment in social collaboration platforms gains maximum traction and avoids the major pitfalls.

Underpinning the approach is recognition that collaboration and collaboration maturity are complex human behaviors and, that deployment of social connection platforms to release an organization’s talent will not deliver unless they are underpinned by very high levels of organization maturity and learning.

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